BIG mistake, Obama !!!

Obama Turns Down Support from Lindsay Lohan

Lohan “is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us,” a spokesman for the Democratic Party told the newspaper.



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11 responses to “BIG mistake, Obama !!!

  1. iwentwest

    ha, i deliberately ignored that little nugget of news! obama, what were you thinking?

    this sort of reminds me of ScarJo – she was all obama-woo! but he was like, ummm do i know you? ouch.

    obviously best for a candidate not to align himself with celebrities unless theyre tina fey and amy poehler. or ellen. i bet ppl would love that. but still, barack, come on! what’s not to love about lindsay?? have you not seen freaky friday??? or mean girls?

  2. I’m just trying to imagine Obama watching/enjoying “Freaky Friday”. I bet he’d like “The Parent Trap” though.

  3. originalmf

    um, who wouldn’t enjoy the parent trap!

    your readership has increased by 1, if not more.

  4. good thing i stalk you on afterellen, alex.

  5. Virb! you are such an internetz creep.

  6. Erin

    oh man i totally called this:
    10:29 AM
    Val: omg alex posted a link to our secret blog on afterellen !!!!!
    me: oh jeez
    now the virbs are going to find out

    I’m pretty sure the secrey of this blog has been compromised. I mean, forgetting that shelley knows, and it’s really only a matter of time before she drunkenly spills the beans, you’ve also opened yourselves up to internet stalking by the likes of the virbs

  7. iwentwest

    the virbs are such stalkers!! they love reading my comments and then calling me out on them. it’s SO disarming!

  8. you all underestimate my searching powers when it comes to the internet. plus, alex’s comments on afterellen are hilarious, especially when she goes on commenting sprees.

  9. Oh believe me, I don’t underestimate them. Hence the term “creep”

  10. mini v

    the actual virb is the only creepster. i hate the internet.

  11. what?! i’d like the record to show that she loves the internet and hates youtube.

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