oh no you di’n’t

for some godawful reason (oh, past indescretions!), the jerk heading girls gone wild was recently asked about l.ron. his response? something along the lines of “oh, samantha has her on a leash ight now, but lindsay is totally straight! if sam gave her some slack, she’d revert.”

thanks asshole, very mature.
(though i will note the fact that he pretty much acknowledges that whatever linds is doing right now, it certainly doesnt seem straight)

lindsay’s response?

joe francis has no place in saying anything about samantha ronson, or anyone for that matter, especially after all the shit he has done–i don’t understand why people feel the need to comment on someone else’s life, and relationship when they can’t even have one of their own….

Way to go lilo – regardless of what the true story is, it’s nice to see she’s sticking up for her [gal]pal and putting an idiot in his place. oh, and note that she refers to a ‘relationship’…

very very interesting.
(and interesting enough for me to be okay with the fact that lilo loves posting her own music as her “currently listening to” pick. though in this case, it’s the apty chosen rumors!)


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  1. omg I love how she does that, too. And “Rumors” is hands down her best track ever !!

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