Sprit in the Dyke

The cover is out for Lindsay’s new, eagerly-awaited (by Alex and me) CD, Spirit in the Dark (set to drop Nov. 4).

Spirit in the Dark (2008)

Hmm idk if I’m a fan.  Her hair is real big though.  For the sake of comparison, here are the covers of her two previous records:

A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005)

Speak (2004)

I’m still loving the Speak cover the best, probably because it has that Mean Girls-esque motif going on.  Also it’s the best CD because of “Rumors”, as I often like to note.



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3 responses to “Sprit in the Dyke

  1. iwentwest

    lookin’ good, lilo.

    but wait, wasnt there supposed to be a shoutout to s.ron. somewhere on that cover??

    the album drops election day?? YES. two historic events in American history: a black man on the ballot and lindsay leggings lohan’s 3rd-time’s-the-charm LP!!

  2. Wow I didn’t even make that election day connection! I hope I don’t get so caught up in “Spirit” that I forget to vote.

  3. iwentwest

    it’ll be tough, but i know youll pull through.

    i say: vote l.ron.

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