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Madonna to duet with hair-apparent?

[Lindsay Lohan] was on hand for the premiere of Madonna’s film “Filth and Wisdom” — and revealed to “Extra” that she’d love to join forces with the queen of pop in the recording studio!

“That would be incredible,” LiLo gushed. “That would be beyond.”

When “Extra” uncovered Lohan’s desire to sing with the recording icon, we asked Madonna if she would be game for the duet. “Yeah, sure,” Madge responded, “Why not?” [Extra]

Omg awesome!  What will the song be called?  “Confessions of a Broken Heart on a Dance Floor”?  “Like a Lesbo”?  “Papa Lohan Don’t Preach”?  “Gay Another Day”?

Thanks, I’ll be here all week.



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