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More proof that (pop culture) knowledge is power

FIrst, a little background info: S. Ro lost a defamation lawsuit against Perez Hilton, so she had to pay his $87,000 in legal fees.  Luckily her woman picked up the tab (I assume mine would do the same).

Erin: i looked extra smart in law class today, and worked in an l. ron reference
me: hah what?!
Erin: we were talking about libel and slander
  and someone was like, well, what if it’s true even though it makes the person look bad
  and the teacher was like well that’s not the case, and he couldn’t think of a good example so he asked the class
  and i was like well s. ro sued perez hilton for libel b/c he said the coke found in lilo’s car was her’s
  but the case was dismissed b/c the coke was her’s!!
  and the teacher said that was a good example of a defense for libel
me: nice!
Erin: i thought so

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