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you know things are bad when daddy lohan starts begging


how i adore the huffington post! 
with love, from Ariana’s homeslice Chris Kelly (and a tip from Virb!):


When Mother Teresa died she owned the clothes on her back, a rosary and a bucket. The day she died, like every other day, she started off with the Prayer of St. Francis, the one that asks, “Oh Master grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console.” I know what you’re thinking: Showoff.

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whew, close call!

the joys of subscribing to lilo’s myspace on google reader:

…we did NOT break up!

access hollywood, extra, et, every tabloid, page six… AND every GOSSIP website. Get your stories straight please. It’s really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, i saw, i read, etc… NOT TRUE

:) xoxox Lindsay

glad we got that cleared up!


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pensive, are we?

cute post from a show in DC tonight. im digging the emphasis on caring for S.Ron VERY MUCH.

Washington, D.C.-you’re in a club, you are here for support for someone that you care for very much, VERY MUCH.. But, you’re here just to chill and support, not to be seen and heard… Not to be on display in the dj booth…or to feel as if you are in a cage at the Bronx Zoo…
Do you see what i am getting at???

re: her rhetorical, as much as i enjoy my L.Ron gossip, it’s pretty disgusting to see how the paparazzi treat these two. ive seen clips of videos where the photographers are just relentless. i enjoy celeb gossip, sure, but honestly, not at the expense of their personal lives and sanity. it’s no wonder britney went insane.

im crossing my fingers that these two make it through unscathed.

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