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Ah, regret.


Digital Spy reports:

Lindsay Lohan has revealed that she regrets writing online about her relationship with Samantha Ronson.

The actress has frequently used social networking sites to quash rumours of romance trouble in recent months.

Lohan has now claimed that her attempts to set the record straight backfired – because they simply fuelled the press interest in her love life.

Speaking to Nylon magazine, she explained: “I think I just got carried away. Like writing about my relationships. I didn’t need to do that, because we weren’t broken up and that was silly.”



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We do this my(space) way

"Uh no, that wouldn't be REAL.  Just gimme some extensions."

"Uh no, that wouldn't be REAL. Just gimme some extensions."

Lindsay tells “the truth” !!!  (Can we handle it?)

Regarding the breakup rumors:

all in all-they should just stop asking altogether, once and for all if she and i are broken up because frankly, if we ever ever did….

(But they won’t !!!)

i would say it before they could even think of asking. i’d say it here probably… i say everything here on myspace.  okay. well, i hope that all the gossip magazines and sites, and lurkers read this cuz it’s not true.

I’d put us in the “lurkers” category.

i love myspace because i can just write, and i love writing, and i can prove all the liars wrong […] i can use myspace and just let everyone know what’s really going on. which is so much more fun! cuz now, people can get to know the REAL me. yay!

The REAL Lindsay, yay!  Thanks to myspace, a celebrity = my personal friend.  <3333

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She’s tired of rumors starting, she’s sick of being kicked off Facebook

"In London with my girl"

"In London with my girl"

From “Upset with Facebook“:

here i am loving facebook (as well as myspace-hehe) but going on facebook to talk to some of my friends and they are thinking that I AM THE “FAKE” OF MYSELF!!! hahahahahaha.. at first i laughed, and then i got angry. angry because, with ALL the people that PRETEND to be me on facebook, they decide to say I AM THE FAKE- of myself.

Wow, that’s so… metaphysical.  And she didn’t even to go college (or real high school).

From “oy vey! rumors..“:

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.  samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up :)

Phew!  This blog will live to see another day.


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Sprit in the Dyke

The cover is out for Lindsay’s new, eagerly-awaited (by Alex and me) CD, Spirit in the Dark (set to drop Nov. 4).

Spirit in the Dark (2008)

Hmm idk if I’m a fan.  Her hair is real big though.  For the sake of comparison, here are the covers of her two previous records:

A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005)

Speak (2004)

I’m still loving the Speak cover the best, probably because it has that Mean Girls-esque motif going on.  Also it’s the best CD because of “Rumors”, as I often like to note.


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1) Lindsay was in a fightin’ mood lol!!! 2) Where’s Sam? :-/


According to our guy on the scene, Lindsay must have thought one of the paps tripped her — because she turned around and punched a photog in the nose! She was on the phone at the time and, after the punch, told whoever she was talking to, “Oh my God, I just hit a paparazzi.” Cops were called to the scene, but no charges were made.


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